The NTC logo is a harmonious and balanced combination of 3 letters: N – T – C and the V symbol on the right, creating a solid block, expressing the stability and reliability that we want to bring. back to customers through optimal technology solutions with maximum efficiency.


The success of the NTC logo is also reflected in the proud V located just above the NTC letter block, affirming our deep pride as Vietnamese citizens, and at the same time expressing our desire to become a Vietnamese citizen. contribute to the development and future of the country. The letter V is intentionally designed to symbolize victory as an urge for us to work harder to overcome any difficulties and hardships, and to achieve our goals. The highest is to bring confidence to those who always accompany us, that is, the world’s leading technology partners and customers in all parts of the country.


The NTC logo stands out with two clear blue colors: navy blue and green. Blue is associated with insight and profound wisdom; demonstrate confidence, sincerity, and trustworthiness. For high-tech products, blue implies absolute precision. Green represents ideas of growth and harmony, suggesting a sense of security and stability. Blue and green color combine quite well together to create harmony and simplicity, showing the modesty of the people of NTC. Taken as a whole, the NTC logo embodies our personality and our commitment to our partners and the community: to build sustainable development together, towards a brighter future with support of information technology solutions.



We commit to keeping our point: “Faith is indispensable in business. It’s the only way that creates sustainable value for company”



“Trust in tomorrow”


We are a Vietnamese company involved in information-communication area with a simple name of Niem Tin. Niem Tin in Vietnamese means trust. It is our trust in our own capabilities and the ambition to contribute to the development and the bright future of our country. That is why there is the V sign in our corporate identity to always remind we are Vietnamese and we have to strive for Victory.


By maintaining a professional and inspiring working environment while promoting the employee’s creativity, we always do our best effort to provide our enterprise customers with efficient information – communication tools to help them set up seamless communication channels down to the smallest units in their organization, whereby they can make decision in the shortest time and the most cost-effective way. We therefore always start from understanding the business model and the present as well as future requirements of the customers. With the motto “the customer’s success is ours”, we have won the trust of our customers.