Building solutions- The perfect choice

When joining WTO, domestic companies don’t have the advantage over foreign companies. Therefore, trade competition between them is fiercer than ever.

The economic growth and the integration have stimulated the demand of real estate market, especially high-rise building, high-level apartment, office for rent. However, the investors and contractors have just paid attention to quality of these buildings but management or operation.

So, the fact that we need a change to manage the buildings effectively instead of traditional way. Mr Uong Minh Nam- Director of Building solution center said “We are going on a pathway. Now, things are changing. We also care about the security, properties and modern techonologies. The majority of companies land in an embarrassing situation when choosing technological solutions and making them an advantage weapons.  There are some buildings apply building solutions such as HoChiMinh televison, Ruby Plaza Center, BaoViet. They all get high efficiency.

According to Mr Nam “The suppliers need to deeply understand and provide a specialized solution. That’s the key to get success.” As a professional provider, NTC has a full-packaged solution from security system to operation. Each of them is considered an effective treatment for making decision, dealing with unexpectable situation, reducing labor cost. Now, we have some clients using Apogess InsightTm3.7 system designed by Siemens. It really is specialized technical management system for high-rise buildings.

This system includes lightning system, air-conditioning system, security camera system, fire alarm system. Thay can operate independently in case of disconnection with host computer.

Apogee Insight TM application not only controls but also integrates the whole system in emergency situation to minimize the hazard as well as safety. It has preeminent functions such as control-supervison-integration with other equipments. Building automation solutions are now the effective tools to ensure the accuracy of data so customers satisfy with their demand because of particular system.

Nguyen Minh-Commercial Newspaper