Technological Communication solution

In the scientific and technological era, people have more new methods to communicate. One of these is video conferencing which are now widely used in business.

NiemTin Limited Company (NTC) is a provider video conference by using Tandberg- Video conference equipment leading the word. Reporter from Business forum Newspaper has an interview with Mr Nguyen Viet Son – Director of Communication Solution Centre (CSC) to learn more about this new technological solution.

Q: In recent years, Videoconferencing is used increasingly popular in Vietnam. As a perennial and prestigious solution provider Videoconferencing, can you introduce more about this solution?
: Video conference solution allows us to organize bilateral or multi-lateral meetings from different places.  By using high-tech applications in the production of equipment and solutions, audio and image quality improved so well that the participants feel like sitting in the same room with their partners. In addition to seeing each other and talking on the screen from the same meeting point at the same time, we can share the slides, pictures, documents conveniently.

Q: So, what are the benefits for companies and organizations?

A: Video-conference solution can economize time travel as well as reduce costs significantly such as conference expenses, accommodation expenses. Besides, it helps diminish latent danger may occur during mission and especially helps businesses improve the efficiency in the process of administration and management. For some agencies which often have training programs, video-conference reduces training costs explicitly. Instead of centralized training for every branch, at present, they can implement training for branches at the same time via video-conference or recording and playing back in turn.

With this modern solution, the users set up quickly and timely remote meetings as: briefing, superior advice, coordination between departments to find out accurate decisions. The online meetings from agencies in many places can be easily arranged.
Q: But are there any difficulties?

A: Many enterprises have to face with investment issue. Investing in video-conference is truly necessary and profitable or not? However, when we give them expert advice, most of them agree that video-conference brings real economic efficiency, especially with organizations which have many branch offices in geographical distance and often have to hold meetings or trainings.
Moreover, they also question whether the transmission totally guaranteed the quality of picture and sound.    In fact, the current information technology infrastructure develops rapidly. The suppliers such as VDC, FPT, Viettel now are able to provide our broadband Internet access and high quality to ensure legal Count Conference television with an acceptable price. More specifically, NTC use Tandberg equipment, the bandwidth requirement is very low due to the encryption technology and advanced signal decoding researched by Tandberg.

Q: It is said that NTC is the Tandberg’s video-conference official supplier, can you tell me about the specificity of Tandberg as well as NTC solutions compared with others?

A: With seasoned experience in telecommunication in general and video-conference in particular, our starting point is study and understanding the clients’ business, then finding out the optimal methods which consistent with the demand, information infrastructure as well as the budget. Besides, our professional engineer teams with wealthy experience are able to provide trustable customer service.  We are at an advantage compared with others.
Tandberg equipment is manufactured in Europe, complied with EU strict standards. They are applied the most advanced technologies to high quality images without large transmission bandwith. This is the particularity of Tandberg.

According to market research of Wainhouse Research LLC, the 3rd quarter of 2009, Tandberg lead the word market in terms of revenue of video-conference as well as network infrastructure.

Q: What do you think about NTC opportunities and challenges in the upcoming time when there are more manufacturers in this field?

A: In recent years, video-conference has been used widely and proved its considerable effect.  Along with the development of information technology, NTC has a great opportunity when video-conference market is growing up sharply.

We are now in fierce competition when the number of companies in Vietnam market is growing. However, with our 13-year experience and capacity in information technology and ability to consult clients the best methods, I strongly believe that they will choose NTC to be the provider.

Thank you for your interview.

(The Business forum Newspaper)