NTC- Dare to think, dare to do something new

NTC is about to take command of ther situation and enhance the business efficiency of clientele.

We had an interview with Mr Nguyent Viet Son- General Director of NTC to know more about 10 years of foundation and expanse.

Q:Please tell me a little bit about NTC ?

A:NTC was founded in 1997 when IT and automation applications were quite popular. Therefore, the only way to stand firmly at business word is creation, originality, even difference compared with the existing state.
With ability and ceativity, we decide to go a new path. It is development and provison integrated solutions with the goal of preserving investment cost and increase the operational efficiency. Our products are Building automation solutions, Tele-communication solutions, Industrial automation solutions and Software solutions.

Q: What about the preeminence of NTC?

Our strength is the ability to create value in each product and service based on mastery of advanced technology and deep understanding the business processes of our customers. Our solutions are considered the efficient tools for decision-making and reducing cost.

As the economy grows, the construction of a building is not merely to live or work with the basic features. Our user-friendly building solutions help people manage the operation and management of buiding savings. They are based on integrated and centralized control of all electrical systems in the building including power supply system, air- conditioning system, lighting system, elevator system, fire alarm and fire fighting systems, telecommunication system, security systems etc. All of these activities based on flexible programs in accordance with the conditions and requirements to use and timely response to any circumstances.

We also provide Tele- Communication Solutions to meet the requirements of internal multimedia information exchange and Industrial Automation Solutions such as Automation Factories, Process Automation Solutions, etc…

We try to figure out particular requirements because the number of clients is increased. How to satisfy all of them is our top prior question.

Q: So, facing with business rivals, what do you do to make the difference?

We are ready to compete with rival companies and willing to accept this challenge. With proactive approach and master of new technology and having a firm grasp on demand, we create the specific characteristic in each solution combined with a little luck, we will take a firm hold of position in a harsh market.

Q:But there are many people tend to use technical imports. So, how can you get the trust?

A: I think it’s easily understandable. We just try our best to improve on our products. That’s the shortest way to reach customers’ belief. We trust in our abilities as well as the value in each product and bear in mind that customers’ success is our motivation and development.

Từ Nguyên