Nguyen Viet Son- The pioneer in information technology

Mr. Nguyen Viet Son had a dream of studying in Physical Department of The University of science and technology. It came true when he passed the exam with high score and was assigned to Germany. Somehow, he chose IT faculty. And after 7 years of learning hard, he received the excellent bachelor’s degree of IT from famous IImenau University.

In March 1987, he repatriated, and two months later, he started working at Technical Post Office Institue, was in charge of switchboard, hardware design then moved to data center transmission. In 5 years, he did many projects. Finding that communication market was a promising land but wasn’t paid much attention, he asked for permission to establish a business deparment but not approved.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Son

Starting from IT degree.

In the early 1991, he and some colleagues build “Tele-communication center” only with 7 million VND. Their products such as “Billing software for post office”, “Coordination the hardware for data processing, computer manufacturing time for telephone” were accepted. In 1993, he worked for Siemens while his center was growing up. The reason for this is Siemens’s fame and its modern working environment that helps him enrich his experience.
He was nominated as the first employee of “business operator” to implement the project “telecom network construction for Lai Chau”. During 5 years, he made contribution to introduce and create a leading position of Siemens in tele-communiaction market.

Early in 1997, Nguyen Viet Son established his own company- NiemTin limited company. It supplied tele-communication services for Siemens when there were not many competitors in this field. With seasoned experience, internal and external partnerships with Siemens, Motorola, he completely belived in market share in the near future. The name “Niem Tin”, according to him, is belief in themselves, capacities and affirmation with clients. They are the keys to set NTC’s development on a sound basis.

Youth and Belief.

The number of employees in NTC increased by twofold after 3 years. Every two years, NTC changes their office. Now, NTC is comprehensive provider with more intellectual products. NTC always aims to offer customers pre-packaged software applications such as hotel management. NTC is proud of being one of the few companies in Vietnam can provide after-sale service for both tele-communication and IT technology.” All of these are based on our professional and skillful staffs” Mr Son said.

In 2003, the total revenue of the NTC reached nearly 86 billion VND. Mr Son set the goal for 2004: “NTC is known as the provider of information technology solutions and professional communication”

Besides, they aim at the target of 1 miliion –dollar revenue of exporting software.

He learned the truth: “Customers’ belief plays the core role with every company”.  That’s why NTC always meet the demand of clients.

IT has been growing up sharply. NTC now has changed to adapt by outlining new orientations: widen packaged tele-communication.

Human resource- The main key.

In November 2011, NTC set up NTC Software Center to meet the specific demand with particular products. Since then, NTC Soft has had many significant developments with knowledgeable programmers and well-known telecommunication applications. In 2003, NTC became the member of Vietnam Software Association. (VINASA). They also co-operated with Microsoft, SISL, Fujitsu(Japan), CMC in order to improve qualification of staffs and accumulate experience for implementing projects.

Mr Son made NTC become the official partner of the joint venture Viet Japan VIJASGATE software – a new software business model for Vietnamese information technology market. Most of the products of the joint venture (80%) will be exported to the Japanese market

It took Mr Son 4 years to train a highly professional team. Now, all of them, especially with project managers and software architecture get approved training certification.

They have to pass the IT engineer testing system to ensure the recruitment qualification of Japan government as well as the other countries.

Now, there are some agents join in Japanese language training course, study and word in Japan under the program of the Foreign Technical Scholarship (AOTS) to accumulate more specialist knowledge and be familiar with working style of Japanese enterprises.

 (Vietnam Economy Times 2000)