Comfortable life in smart home

In recent years, smart home solutions have been applied to bring the comfort of life. We have an interview with Mr Nguyen Viet Son- General Director of NiemTin Limited Company (NTC)-one of the prestigious suppliers in Vietnam to know about the concept of smart home applications.

Q: Can you give the easiest definition about smart home, sir?

A: Smart solution is the combination of many independent systems in your house such as lighting, switches, air conditioning, security system, fire alarm … and then the alteration to make them communicate effectively with each other. It can be vividly considered a human being with sense.

Smart home applications are quite popular with EIB system of Siemens, GIRA, Merten, Hager, Home Automation system of the United States with X10 technology transferring through electric lines or Home Network System from Korea. With highly integrated and interactive applications such as security, digital televison, Korean suppliers are now gaining the upper hand over others due to aesthetic design, flexible application and compatibility with industrial communication standard over the world.

Q: What does a package include?

A: Intelligent power system consists of two main components. One is the control including light sensor, temperature, sound, motion, fire alarm, switch, conector, touchscreen (Touch Panel or LCD). The other is functional equipments as light, air condition, electric water heaters…

Power supply 220V AC (alternating current) from the meter to each family through the cabinet power distribution and control (DB – Distribution Board) then executively connected to the equipment. Information about the energy consumption of the house monitoring is supervised and the owner can control the amount of power every day in order to save costs.

So, a really “smart” home just needs a power distribution panel and a center console. From it, all control equipments can be connected through a specialized network cable such as temperature control, switches, lighting control button. Intelligent systems are based on open communication criteria, flexibility, compatibility which meets the particular need when upgrading, replacing more different equipments.

 Q: We consider the safety of our children the most important thing, smart home solutions can satisfy this requirement, right?

A: A house needs to be invested and best equipped to protect the owner from all dangers, bring the highest safety for life. Firstly, we mention the risk of getting an electric shock. The old systems use a lot of electric wire, with complex connection with 220 KV switches. It is a permanent danger because of old technology.  Now, this issue is completely eliminated.

This application also plays supervison function and prevention any unauthorized intrusion even when you are sleeping or away from home.

Secondly, we concern about gas supply system.It will be controlled by a dedicated control device, any gas leakage will be warned. An electronic valve will automatically lock when noticing any risky circumtances.

Thirdly, Fire alarm function was rarely installed in residential housing but now has been used in smart home. If there is overheating, it will immediately implement prevention and connect to emergency number. By this way, we minimized the hazard to the owner.

Besides, Door system is one of the factors to ensure the safety of the house. You can know how many doors, windows and gateways are open before going to bed or going out. If you forget, it will alert and make sure that this system truly protects your property. To enhance the sercurity, we use a digital key for the entrance door. We use it as a magnetic card or code to get into home. Visitors can chat with you through a recording device and image in front of the door. You can open the door through touchscreen or internal telephone line when you are in your house such as living room, kitchen or even in a bathroom.

In addition to the anti-leakage device, the socket has a mechanical structure of child protection which prevents them from sticking into the socket. In particular, these sockets are also directed and equipped with an electric absorbing device that can eliminate them if problems occur.

Lastly, we have lightning protection. It was usually calculated for the lightning strike, in this case the lightning rod will protect the house. But now, it also preserves the electrical devices when having shock wave transmission. With this function, all the high-price electrical devices are absolutely save.

 Q: How are the control solutions, remote monitoring integrated into system?

A: We use 10- inch touchscreen. It connects with central control and gives you all the necessary function to have an overview. The equipments such as air-condition, water pump can be supervised through friendly interface. You also can use remote control conveniently.

Together with the development of television technology, digital services, entertainment facilities now meet your need wherever you are. Hi-fi sound is installed into intelligent system. You can hear your favourite song or turn your living room to mini cinema and family members enjoy a movie through TV on demand service (IPTV). Housewives also satisified with a touchscreen in the kitchen can be used for entertaining and checking in or out. They can connect the Internet, online shopping or watch a channel they want. By adding some equipment, you can get the operational status of your house whenever you are at home or at the office.

A smart home is not merely the combination of expensive appliances. The main point is design solution quality, ability as well as after sale service. And this is an important thing the owner should consider carefully before making-decision.

Duy Linh (Consumption Consultancy Magazine)