Niem Tin moves forward with technology

In the international economic integration, businesses have to face with many difficulties such as human resource management, anti brain-drain as well as technological solutions application. It is said that NTC is one of the top suppliers information technology solutions, tele-communication and automation solutions in Vietnam.

After 10 years of construction, with a great effort and an inquiring mind, NTC satisfies more than 1000 clients with effective information technology tools. In 2006, NTC was honorably awarded National Competitive Brandname by Vietnamese Intellectual Property Association. In addition, NTC also boosts communication and building management solutions.

What are the requirements for operating buildings? The answer is not about control electricity, water resource and lightning system but also guarantee sercurity system. NTC offers a full-package solution to help reduce labor costs and make the right decision.

With “Integrated Security Solutions”, the clients control in and out and functional section by a card reader.

Only authorized person can get in or out. In case of emergency, he has the right to open or close a whole door system or a part of it. This system operates in two modes: online and offline.

NTC also provides building automation solutions named Apogee InsightTM 3.7- produced by Siemens coporation. It is a specialized technical management system for only high-rise building. The fact shows that it really has effect. Apogee InsightTM has outstanding fuctions such as Control-Supervision-Integrated Connection. Users are no longer worried about supervision, control parameters, lights and voltage.

NTC did many projects like intalling BCMS system (Hanoi Petro Commercial Center), PABX system, Access Control (Hochiminh televion), BAS system (Hochiminh Museum), Low current system including CCTV, Access Control, MATV (FPT Center of Software Production and Training Human Resouces) and many other works.

Customers’ confidence is our driving force to better far-reaching aims. We trust in the quality of our products. “NTC travels with technology” is the message that NTC wants to send to all customers.