NTC philosophy

Since its eastablishment, Mr Nguyen Viet Son and founding memebers want to share business philosophy through the name “NiemTin”. It is a messeage as well as the internal flame to keep the passion and energy for NTC staffs to cope with challenges when taking the first steps in to huge information technology market.

Vietnamese youth.

When our economy is growing up, there are many foreign investors in Vietnam. A dynamic work environment and high paying job are attracted many talented people. We have a new definition “brain drain in Vietnam”:

Q: Why did you decide to work in Siemens representative office when your center was expanding?

A: In 1991, I set up Tele-communication Center of The United Sientific and Technical Association with only 7,8 million VND, even  I had to brorrow my computer. However, my center got many contracts quickly. We continuously faced with new challenges just only with technological knowledge. In 1993, I got the invitation to work for Siemens. I weighed it up and decided to change my life once more. Because I had little knowledge of management and business. This was a great opportunity. At that time, I had an idea that what I learnt would be useful in the future.

Q: What about brain drain?

A: We need an objective opinion with people working with foreign companies. They are always aware of who they are and responsible for confirmation Vietnamese brainpower.  That’s meaningful.

Q: What is the idea of eastablishment of NTC?

A: We had got it for a long time. But only when we were on assignment, we talked together and realized that we had something in common. We wanted to affirm that: “We are Vietnamese”. And 3 months later (July 1997), we together built NTC Ltd, Co.

At that time, we only had knowledge, experience and a potential IT maket at the beginning. Importantly, we had faith. In 3 consecutive years, we reached the plan exactly. The number of employees and sales increased by twofold.

Q: We have talked about brain drain. What about Siemens after you left?

A: When I worked for Siemens, Tele-communication was newly set up but we made major breakthrough. Siemens changed their view on this. Generally, this area was admitted of its effieciency in Vietnam and global market. Siemens understood our positive aim. Our logo consists of three letters NTC, two of them are colored national fag, the other is inspired with Siemens’s color. Now, we have been maintaining the relationship with Siemens, being an official distributor their products. We have the honour of being their partner.

Affirmation Vietnamese Intelligence.

The main competitor of NTC is foreign companies. Meanwhile, the clients don’t virtually recognize the usefulness of IT applications in business.  In order to get the market share, the products have to meet all the demand. It requires deep understanding what they need. Using comprehensive communication solutions helps improve competitiveness and business effect. Clients are also partners and we trust in each other.

Q: As a software designer, you pursue your passion until you set up NTC, don’t you?

A: NTC mainly focuses on communication solutions. We also attach importance to software because it is a primary factor in communication solutions. In 2003, we achieved sales of 5 billion VND.

Q: You set the target 500 million USD software export in 2004. But the ability of software export of domestic firms is limited. What are you about to do?

A: In Sep 2003, we had an opportunity to participate in the Government delegation to work and visit to Japan. We exchanged with Japan software companies and eastablished Vietnam- Japan Software Joint Venture (VIJASGATE).This is a new model with IT market in Vietnam. Vietnameses enterprises can approach global market with 80% products are exported. This is truly a breakthrough.

Q: What is the position of NTC in this joint venture?

A: NTC also occupies a modest position in the joint venture with 3% of the total capital. However, we are still active member. In the next 3 years, NTC is going to gain the 1 million sales of software. Human resource plays a core role with a software company. So, in recent years, we have been trained high quality programmers. They have to pass the strict standardization before joining in.

Q: According to you, what are the difficuties Vietnamese enterprises have to face with?

A: In general, open door policy has encouraged firms in sofrware exporting. We also had an advantage of workfoce cost and qualifications. But we cope with language barrier, culture difference, software process, especially the important competitors from China, India, the Philippines.

Q: To promote the export, China, India enterprises pay great attention to the factor that build the spirit of “business community”. In Vietnam, the relationship between software companies is not the same way like that. What do you think?

A:  The construction of the community or IT industry is very important, especially in relation to foreign partners, they will evaluate the general before deciding to work with whom. Therefore, the internal co-operation, association with industries can create long-term stable development.

Q: So, what are you intend to do in the future?

A: We continue pursuing our road. It is diversification our products. Our philosophy is the main direction in business.


Mr Nguyen Viet Son tells us about his working life. We have many ways to create our career and Mr Son did it for himself. His story is not typical but I believe it is truly an encouragement to anyone that wants to change their lives. Mr Son has the balance between business and working. He always wants to do something new. Each decision is a turning-point in his life, started from setting up a center, working for foreign enterprise and then building his own company. Success only comes to those who will and dare.

Luu Ly (Vietnam business forum)