NTC- The trustable brand name

After more than 10 years of construction and development, with socio-economic contribution, NTC is highly appreciated the first pioneer in information technology area. To better understand the way and know-how today, we had an interview with Mr Nguyen Viet Son- NTC General Director, one of the leaders during the past 10 years.

Q: Please tell something about the foundation and growth of NTC?

A: Actually, the original idea was quite simple: We are the youth- who believe in capacity and imagination of Vietnamese people. To reach the achievements like today, we are thankful for our staffs’ confidentality, enthusiasm, imaginativeness. They together contribute to NTC’s success.

In the first steps, we faced with many difficulties such as unfavourable business environment. Especially in 1997, IT was not paid much attention and motivation to rise. But NTC found the rare opportunity in them. In my experience, business success includes confidence, audacity, luckiness and objective advantageousness.

Q: So why do you choose the name Niem tin? What does NTC attach special importance to?

A: We named the company is simply belief desired customer is always entrusted their faith to us. Conversely, getting the confidence of customers is our top priority in business activities.

Now we mainly focus on the IT and automation provison such as building solutions. Applying this application helps the customers not only run the building easily but also improve the quality and efficiency of investment as well as environment protection through energy saving. Besides NTC also provide business communication solutions, software solutions and technical services. They closely link together to create particular imagination. Therefore, our customers have great confidence when using these services.

Q: So what is the strength of NTC?

A: Our strength is creativeness in each product. We also have a deep understanding about business process, market assessment to advance the most optimal solution based on available technology. NTC accommodates customers with comprehensive package including energy management, security system and building operation. Each of them is considered the useful tool to support decision-making.
With “Integrated sercurity system”, customer can control in and out and particular function with a card reader: only valid card is allowed in/out, authorized area with people in charge. In emergency case, he has the right to close or open each port or full door control system. It can operate in both modes: direct and indirect transmission.

Customers’ satisfaction is NTC’s strong point. We have diversified partners: small and medium enterprises, financial firms, banks and state-owned corporations.

Q: After 12 sucessful years of operation, can you tell something about the key of success?

A: We enhance human abilities. Therefore, each of our success is always associated with the continous efforts of each individual in company. We are interested in training, human resource, always creating a dynamic work environment, healthy competition, and caring their spiritual life. We believe in Vietnam youth and the value of our professional services. NTC bears in mind that: Our customers’ success is motivationd and the measure of NTC’s stable development.

We commit to keeping our point: Faith is indispensable in business. It is the only way that creates sustainable value for company.
Thank you for interviewing.